About us

Our motto (Mission)

“All of the IT from one source, with a personal guarantee.”

In the vocabulary of the SkyLine, the IT isn’t limited to only hardware and software, but rather refers to those corporate functions that have the colleagues manage the information, based on business logic.


A few words about us

Skyline Computer Ltd. established in 1999. Since then the IT company’s services has significantly increased, and software development has become a pivotal part of the portfolio. Still, managed services like operating a company’s whole network are our first profile. Of course, our services are not limited to control the systems, but also design and build them, consult with companies and recommend optimal alternatives to the best of our knowledge. Our client base starts from small businesses through large enterprises to government services, like building and maintaining the Hungarian prison service (Health Care System software development).

At the SkyLine-Computer Kft., each of the 19 employees strives to meet the expectations of all the customers. For the resource-demanding work, the company has an extensive circle of subcontractors. To ensure the course of the business’ continuity, we provide the following services:

  • Information technology (IT) project management
  • Creating and deploying IT infrastructure
  • Operating IT infrastructure
  • IT Consulting
  • Software development

Company’s Information

Whole name: SkyLine-Computer Informatikai és Fejlesztési Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
Shorter name: SkyLine-Computer Kft.
VAT no.: 11896461-2-03
Commercial register: 03-09-107752
Main Bank: CIB Bank zRt.
Bank account: 10700103-02282901-51100005
Secondary Bank.: Volksbank Magyarország zRt.
Bank account: 14100141-16522560-70000008
EU VAT no.: HU11896461
Ügyvezető /cég képviseletére jogosult/ CEO: Fekete Béla
Owner: Fekete Béla (100%)
Address, phone number: H-6000 Kecskemét, Trombita utca 2.,
Tel.:+36 (76) 432 765, Fax.: +36 (76) 432 765
Sales: aruforgalom@skylc.hu