Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

You cannot find a software that would suit the needs of your company?

You dream it, we realize it!

You can save a lot of time by software automation and at the same time increase the effectiveness by several hundred percent!

Our Scope of Software Development:

  • Tailored Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Workflow Management Systems
  • Production Management Software Development
  • Financial based Software Development
  • Commercial based Software Development
  • Logistics Software Development
  • CRM Systems
  • HR Systems
  • Business Management software

We Offer:

  • Complete design
  • Careful Work and Attention to the Details
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Reliable Operation without Compromises!
  • Testing and Installing Software
  • Maintenance
  • Technical Support


Why us? You may ask.

In Hungary we have been pioneers in designing software where technology is in harmony with the business process. We have internationally recognized experts from all areas at your disposal, such as software developers, electric engineers, economists, industrial IT experts, system engineers so that you are not only given a software but a solution covering all your needs.
In 2011 our company was awarded the “The fastest Developing Company in Microsoft Competence” award by the world’s largest software developing company, Microsoft. Throughout 2016 we partnered with Microsoft in cloud management.

The first Project Plan is given free.

An assessment is made of your needs and your project plan is made for free. If it pleases you, together we execute it! There are no obligations! The contract is signed, if and only you choose us after looking through the project plan!

System Integration

Apart from developing a new software, should you require, interoperability is provided between the new and the old system.

Technologies we use

It does not matter if the system is based on NET or Java, whether a light web client or a robust desktop application is needed to be designed. All we need to know is your exact need to develop it.


Related Service

It is in our companies` profile to provide maintenance and infrastructure building or if needed, networking, monitoring and system maintenance.


The company`s main work of reference was carried out for the Hungarian Law Enforcement which contains the complete health care register of the convicts and administers all of their data. The system is used by 34 establishment, available for 700 users, who handle 200.000 patients` details which accumulates to 7000.000 medical events.