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Digital Signage

Digital Signage is the most modern digital content provider system. It displays texts and dynamic contents on digital monitors which can be timed in advance.

Digital Signage is the cooperation of a software and a hardware, where the preparation, the timing and controlling of the data is done from a central location through the network. One or more display shows the content of our choice. The same content can be displayed on several monitors or different data can be shown on each monitor. It can be linked/connected with any given screens. It is a user friendly tool, which is easy to use after learning it for a short period of time whether you would like to edit it or time it.
This type of solution for the digital communication belongs to the marketing, or the internal or external communication of the company.

Areas of use:


Digital Marketing


Digital Signage is an innovative tool of visual advertisement. The traditional offline billboards in the recent years has been changed into digital displays. With the help of suitable imagery and soundtrack certain products can be made desirable and through this method the customers choices can be easily and effectively manipulated. According to statistics products and services displayed on DS displays generates 80% more interest than advertisements on billboards or other traditional forms of advertising.
It is mostly used in POS (place of sale) or POP (place of purchase) types of advertising space but it can be used effectively in any place with considerable traffic.

For example:

  • shops
  • shopping centers
  • subways
  • restaurants
  • stations
  • airports
  • hotels
  • museums
  • banks
  • sport facilities

More Information

Disclosure of Information


It is widely used as information desk but it can be seen in museums, sport facilities or simply as shop window accessory.
The instantaneous information sharing has key importance in the industry as well. With the quick flow of information even the production efficiency can be improved and our business advantage increased.

How exactly? Learn more.

Digital Signage, with the help of our self-developed framework the DimensionBoard, is able to display even the dynamic, ever changing data, and information. It can be effectively used in areas where you would like to broadcast instant and exact information to a lot of employees about any kind of process.

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