We know it best, that displaying the most impressive digital content does not come cheap. Through traditional investments the displays have to be bought, operated and safely installed on the site.

If we want to centrally and remotely manage the displays or want to show dynamically changing data on them, we have to connect them in a network, therefore we already require a server as well. For the server however, we software licenses. And when we buy something, we like to know that its ensured, so we think about getting the extended warranty as well. These costs are all present way before we would even have a working system.


If you can see it also, that the next step in the marketing, or the most productive way of supporting the production is done by displaying dynamic data, but the above outlined investments scare you away from the new opportunities,
this page/site is just for you!


We offer two different financing constructions:

Multi-year financing
Choose from our 2, 3, 4, 5, years long financing plans. It is up to you, which part of the project you need help financing, and which part you pay as the beginning investment.
The cost of the financing can be combined with other services, such as maintaining the DigitalSignage system, support, content creation, allowing you to upkeep your system with one easy-to-calculate monthly cost, with barely any investment.
We recommend our financing services for the following specializations:

Current grants regarding IT development
GINOP-8.3.1-16 Credit plan that aims to help the competitive power of micro-, small-, and medium sized enterprises